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  • After 17 years building on-premises and private cloud trading systems, three years ago we made the decision to transition to cloud. The ultimate expression of specialisation, cloud enables financial services organisations and their software providers to focus on their respective businesses, at the very top of the value chain. Why Nuvo Prime? READ MORE


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Embracing Cloud Solutions

Security, resilience, availability. Once these threshold conditions are met, there is a commercial decision to made on whether to transition financial services applications to cloud. In this Business Perspective, we confront this question, against the backdrop of some examples drawn from our collective experience.

February, 2018

Cloud: Legal and Compliance Issues

Cloud adoption presents unique challenges for financial institutions. In this Whitepaper, we consider the legal and compliance considerations in negotiating software-as-a-service contracts as well as selecting and outsourcing functions to a cloud software vendor.

Due for release: March 2020.