Why Nuvo Prime



We are a team of senior software developers and consultants with over 70 years in collective financial services experience. Our backgrounds run the width and breadth of the banking business: building trading platforms, financial services product development and line of business management. In technology, we have skills which span the whole technology stack, from building and managing databases, through to middle tier services and the most modern of front-end GUI applications.

Technology: Differentiated

Swaps Trading Platform

Three years ago we transitioned to cloud, developing and releasing our flagship swaps trading platform, SwapScale, from the ground-up. It is best-of-breed. Fully featured, intuitive and powerful. View our Products for more information. read more

Cloud-based Hosting

The growth of commodity, cloud-based hosting services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have made it possible to be agile and cost-efficient as never before, without compromising confidentiality and security. read more

Innovative Development

At Nuvo Prime we use technologies such as sharded databases, scalable caches, containerisation, and dynamic creation of secure private networks of servers in the cloud to deliver unparalleled performance at a significant cost saving over self-hosted traditional architectures.


Our specialism is Equity sales and trading, in particular swaps, prime brokerage and stock loan platforms and tools.

Why Cloud?

Cloud is Secure and Compliant

  • Cloud computing is mature and can now readily accommodate the needs of financial services organisations. While it may not be suitable for deployment of certain applications, it is ready for swaps trading platforms.
  • As our recent Whitepaper articulates (see: Embracing Cloud Solutions), cloud is secure, resilient and highly available.
  • Most important to our customer base, cloud computing is compliant. Amazon Web Services has configured its cloud infrastructure to comply specifically with the security, data residency and record-keeping requirements of financial services firms, including for example, SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Rule 4511, and CFTC Regulation 1.31.
  • For all of these reasons, organisations as diverse as FINRA, NASDAQ OMX, Pfizer, NASA and the US Department of State are using cloud, as are one million other active customers on Amazon Web Services alone.