Solutions for Prime Finance


Enterprise Functionality

SwapScale is our flagship product, providing an end-to-end swaps trading platform which is as intuitive to use as a smartphone app, yet delivers enterprise scale features, functionality and power. It embodies all of our collective knowledge and experience building high-performance swaps systems for global banks.

SwapScale was designed from the ground-up to harness the power of cloud. Having built numerous swaps trading platforms in both on-premises and private cloud deployments, we deliberately selected cloud for SwapScale. We did so, knowing the sensitivity of our financial services client base to what was once perceived as a “public” environment. Cloud is now mature in security, compliance, and resiliency and so is ready for adoption by financial services organisations.


Key Advantages

  • Time to market

    Following a 2-3 week design study to identify all requirements and necessary feeds, we will agree an implementation plan with you. SwapScale is then rapidly integrated. Mid-tier organisations can expect 4-5 months from mandate to go-live, while large banks will take up to a year.

  • Scalability

    Running natively in cloud, SwapScale meets the needs of mid-market brokers and mini-primes as readily as it can accommodate the network, processing and storage requirements of the largest trading businesses in the world. There is, quite literally, no practical limit to its capabilities whether in terms of compute power, global footprint or storage capacity.

  • Flexibility

    Adding additional capacity to the SwapScale environment takes minutes, not months. With SwapScale you pay only for what you use. Traditional technology deployments are either undersized, limiting your business capacity or sized for peak loads meaning costly hardware mostly stands idle. The technology used by SwapScale ensures that allocated resources are used efficiently, with utilisation rates on allocated virtual machines much higher than in traditional architectures.

  • Value

    The relationship between IT spend and IT output/value is both uncertain and opaque in traditional deployments. By contrast, SwapScale has a simple and transparent pricing model. Priced to flex with the demands of your business, we think it is a compelling value proposition. We provide the support desk coverage, so you will know your IT spend to the penny. And with technology now one of the largest components of line-of-business expense, understanding, managing and driving down IT spend is more important than ever to pre-tax margin.